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Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services by Richard Susskind OBE and Are Lawyers doomed ? The End of Lawyers? by Richard Susskind (London: Oxford University Press, 2008)

"Richard sets a new challenge for all lawyers. He urges them to ask themselves what elements of their current workload could be undertaken more quickly, more cheaply, more efficiently, or to a higher quality using different and new methods of working. He argues that the market is unlikely to tolerate expensive lawyers for tasks that can be better discharged with support of modern systems and techniques. He claims that the legal profession will be driven by two forces in the coming decade: by a market pull towards the commoditisation of legal services, and by the pervasive development and uptake of new and disruptive legal technologies. The threat here for lawyers is clear - their jobs may well be eroded or even displaced. At the same time, for entrepreneurial lawyers, Susskind foresees quite different law jobs emerging which may be highly rewarding, even if very different from those of today". Read more »



We live in a constantly changing world - even arch-conservative lawyers need to adapt "e-Court will re-shape the future of Global litigation - Forces transforming the legal industry promise the emergence of new models that will allow clients to reap huge efficiencies, but at the expense of law firms that fail to adapt"

Most western democracies with an increasingly complicated society show that the legal system across their countries get clogged up, especially where it regards civil and common law areas. The waiting time for trial can be anywhere from six months to three years or longer. Suggested reading: The Litigation Process

Even Small Claims Courts around the world provide a resolution for simple cases will take you the better part of a year to go through the entire Small Claims Court process i.e. have your trial and get judgement. Collecting adds further delay and is an entirely different story, it is by no means the easiest undertaking both in terms of additional expense and duration.

Apart from the unacceptable time it takes to find judgement in regular government courts, the actual litigation process also adds a mystique for many people and makes the entire process through the traditional courts a very frustrating and intimidating experience to the layperson.Click for video

In recognition to above, e-Court was introduced to provide competent, affordable, simple, speedy and transparent justice for everyone. e-Court also provides a uniform litigation system throughout the world without the need to understand the peculiarities existing in each provincial legislative system. We encourage you to read about e-Court in the following pages. You shall not be disappointed. Join e-Court with the knowledge that legal justice is rendered with prior knowledge of expense and duration. It is expected that e-Court during its first six months of operations is capable of handling a minimum of #2,000 cases at any one time, with at least #20,000 cases at full maturity.

We have come a long way since e-Court Legal Services Int'l Inc. was founded over 5 years ago. In conjunction with many learned legal & non-legal scholars, we realized that the normal litigation process was too long and too expensive for most people to be able to afford, and that often the final verdicts were not delivering the kind of justice that they were expecting.

Moreover, people increasingly expect that more of what they do in the physical world should be available online as well. Therefore e-Court could fill a huge gap in the online market, provided that customers would be given upfront knowledge of fair costs & duration, that services would be transparent, integer and with a focus on speed.

Today, e-Court provides online conflict resolution to the general public, business and governments around the world, from Europe to the Gulf Region into Asia and across the Americas: North, Central and South and delivers justice not just to those who can afford the best counsel. In addition to cases which require "non-criminal" litigation, e-Court also offers mediation and general counselling.

We incorporated our services in Canada, the USA., the United Kingdom from where we handle the entire EEC through the passporting concept Passporting is the exercise of the right for a firm registered in the European Economic Area (EEA) to do business in any other EEA state without needing further authorization in each country. Other country incorporations have either been initiated or will soon follow. Furthermore, please note there are #125+ domain names ( including e-court.law ) under our registration across 40+ nations.

To bring all our online activities under one roof we established the Canada based "The International Court for Online Conflict Resolution" and filed its charter with Corporations Canada on June 24 2016 under number 980748-9, hereafter referred as ICOCR

It took our IT development team five years with an investment in excess of $3 million to develop an extensive Internet presence including databases which unravelled legal complexities yet adhere to strict International legal laws, arbitration, mediation & counselling practices. To our knowledge there is no privately funded organization to-date which is able to match our innovative database and other structures. We can handle a minimum of #200,000 cases around the world simultaneously. And, we ensured that e-Court and its subsidiaries comply fully with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

But much, much more needs to be done, especially creating awareness about e-Court around the world, research in virtual reality and to maintain & further improve delivering justice to everybody, not just to those who can afford the best counsel (mission statement). To accomplish these exciting goals we are currently looking for sponsors who would be willing to help. We hope you will partake in this truly important opportunity to provide justice to the masses.

If you are an investor, please write us via email : info@e-court.law , If you wish to advertise, please write us via email : info@e-court.ca

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    We are also very satisfied with the relationship our company has with e-Court and have found their entire team to be supportive and friendly. What a joy it is to offer our employees a venue to settle future labour conflicts, if they arise". Go on... there is nothing to stop your organization from registering as corporate member.

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    'Good Heavens' e-Court is just what the doctor ordered. I have looked for years to find an alternative to my costly lawyer's fees until a friend alerted me about e-Court. I never thought searching files and getting timely alerts on case and appointments could be this easy. This is a must for every body. e-Court certainly offers speedy solutions with prior knowledge of expense and duration". Go on... there is nothing to stop you from registering as member.
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